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But why force people to change their passwords? And in fact that is necessary, that is, if your light bulb or your TiVo is going to have an encrypted connection, there's nothing they can possibly do to intercept it. Leo: Keep up those picks. And that's the point. The attacker would also need a camera to take an image of the sign he wishes to attack. On a public wireless network you also need to be concerned with encrypting data coming into and out of your computer, but the solutions are very different. And it wasn't - and then, I mean, and it could also be encrypted, then they decrypt it and so forth. In some cases, people choose to connect their personal devices to a VPN service provider to secure their own connections with the same kind of tunneling and encryption to the general internet, keeping their banking details, use private vpn card numbers, passwords, and other sensitive data from being intercepted, monitored, or recorded. So, yeah. But not only do companies not do it, but when someone says, hey, you know, this is bad pay private vpn here, they get attacked by way of thanks so often. Then Telnet is just sitting there waiting for connections. Steve: So there's the convenience of it just works.
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But presumably someone somewhere is thinking about this. It actually has been very interesting.

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Steve: And, well, we both enjoy each other's company. So that sort of sounds like our theory that we started teasing last week, was that maybe this was something from, like, 12 years ago, or maybe - I don't know how old he is. One problem with secure web pages is recognizing them.

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To carry out the hack, researchers led by a team "encoded malicious software in a short stretch of DNA they purchased online. We've talked about steganometry before, and it's never really impressed me that much.

And speaking of bad, boy, I tell you, this was - the headlines were crazy for this one, and I have three of them here: "You can hijack a gene sequencer by hiding malware in a DNA sample.

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They came from a guy named Bill Burr. Gmail swings both ways. Leo: Nasty.

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Leo: Yeah. No muss.

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There's the Aberdeen Proving Ground. We will get to them this week.

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And he said, citing privacy concerns: "They were appalled that I even asked. Very minimal, well, and Infinite Loop was this way, too.

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And the other headline that I liked was "Researchers hack a self-driving car by putting stickers on street signs. The point is the icky part, kind of, but the leo laporte vpn services, is they require you to run agents in every device in your house.

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