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Reddit is now blocked in china. Reddit has been caught in China's Great Firewall

While a BuzzFeed News analysis indicates that some of these accounts appear to belong to Chinese citizens based overseas acting in support of their country, there are also indicators that something more coordinated could be taking place. Post navigation. On the few occasions Reddit was temporarily blocked in China, the reasons were unclear. Well, not quite. After switching its main URL from http to https, the new version were blocked as well. Advertisement Tencent is, at great cost and ultimately for great profit, literally reinventing censorship in China. Then it falls to Chinese companies to comply with this widespread censorship regime set by the communist party itself. But, right now, reports in the U.
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Those crackdowns and censorship moves are not false, but Gizmodo is painting a picture that suggests Tencent is complicit in cleaning its slate. Windows built in vpn type has been blocked in China since last August. Our top recommendation is ExpressVPNwhich offers servers in 78 countries, fast speeds, and an easy-to-use app.

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But because the Great Firewall never publicly announces its decisions or offers any explanations, probably nobody will know the real reason. They own the massively popular messaging app WeChat, which is closely watched and censored by the Chinese government to the point of Chinese citizens being arrested for comments made on the platform.

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We also continue to strengthen the measures we have in place to prevent or limit the impact of any malicious actors including human review and moderation of suspicious activity and content. The broader question becomes, in the future is the internet going to make China more open, liberal and tolerant?

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Reddit users, not ones to be slow on humor, have already plastered the site with content that would reddit is now blocked in china forbidden in China, including Winnie the Pooh, the cartoon character often used to represent Chinese President Xi Jinping. There is currently no evidence that pro-China activity on Reddit over the past year is directly linked to the Chinese government or the Chinese Communist Party.

That approach leaves fewer traces, for one thing, and it allows Beijing to shift responsibility to the platforms themselves, which fear the repercussions of angering authorities. These are people employed by the Chinese government to flood online discussions with pro-government messages, or with messages intended to distract people from sensitive topics.

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Then it falls to Chinese companies to comply with this widespread censorship regime set by the communist party itself. Tencent also owns a piece of the chat app Discord even though, you guessed it, Discord is blocked in China.

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Reddit users responded to the news by sharing memes that are banned in China to protest the investment, and to express concerns that Reddit may increase censorship on its platform.

But, unfortunately for Gizmodo, the fears are overblown and its descriptions of Tencent are at best naive and at worst deliberately misguided.

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After switching its main URL from http to https, the new version were blocked as well. Several of the accounts were active on subreddits dedicated to Canadian universities in Ontario, and offered comments that indicated specific knowledge about these schools and locations.

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